Top 5 Best Paid Games in The Apple Store

top 5 best free itunes credit games
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Our Selection Of The Best iTunes Games

Download Paid Apps For Free In The Apple Store With Free iTunes Credit

With free iTunes credit, it's possible to pillage the app store! Now that virtually everyone has a smartphone, the need for apps developed as well. We understand that, and that is why we offer you a way to play and download all those paid apps for free! If you want to know how? Read on because it is really easy! In this article, we will give you our top 5 best paid apps, and a generator to generate your free iTunes credit. Everything is explained below, so let’s begin!

#5 Plague Inc

To start off our list, Plague inc. This classic game has as the main goal to infect and dispose of the human race by developing a pandemic disease. The world will fight back eventually and will start developing a cure. You have to adapt your disease to survive, and complete challenges this way. A cool offline game, that you can play to pass the time.  Rating: 7.5

#4 monopoly

Classic twist of the all-popular board game, monopoly is a simple version of arguably the best board game of all time. You compete against the computer or friends online. Leaderboard systems let you see how well you stack up against all the people you care about. Quick, fun and fast.        Rating: 7.8

#3 Minecraft

Open source developed the game, where you craft upgrades, build structures and survive against enemies in the night. Characteristic pixels give the game an old school feel. Over 1.5 million downloads for the PC-platform, and now (finally) the mobile version. Explore the endless possibilities of the Minecraft universe and get lost in yet another brilliant game.         Rating:8.5

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#2 Assasins Creed

Based on the series of games first developed for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, Assassins creed is now finally also available for mobile devices! The controls are a little different, but nonetheless really easy. The game is structured like and open world game, and you have to complete different assassination missions.         Rating: 8.8

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#1 Rollercoaster Tycoon

All-time favorite amusement park management game, where you try to build your empire while keeping the people in the park as happy as possible. The goal is to make as much money as possible. The game looks less appealing than the PC version, this is nonetheless a really fun and addictive game and it deserves to be in place 1!      Rating: 9.4

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How To Get All These Games For Free

So, now that you have seen our top 5, you will most likely want to download them all! But then you might have to pay, you think. Well, that’s not true! We found out a way how you can download all of these apps for free using free itunes credit, and we will explain the steps below.

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Top 5 Best Paid Games in The Apple Store
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