iPhone 8 Specifications & Release Date

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High Expectations

Have you heard the rumors around Apple? Chances are that you have, and something big is coming! However, Apple is not very keen on releasing information, so this article will shed some light on the mysteries! we will explain what the product specifications are, what you can expect and when you can buy it. Furthermore, we have added a little bonus gift at the end!  Are you curious yet on how you can get a lot of free stuff? Well, we feel that everyone should be able to live in luxury, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to achieve it. Follow us on this adventure, and let yourself be blown away! Read on for more information, and share our page on social media to help us grow!

What is the iPhone 8?

The iPhone 8 is the next best thing in the world of smartphones, and the successor to the very popular iPhone series. Normally, the iPhone series first release the new model, and then a newer model that looks the same. This newer model always has small optimizations and looks the same as the old model. The reason why Apple is probably skipping the -s series is that of the lower popularity. After all, they look exactly the same and the optimizations are not easily visible. Other that that does the new iPhone have a bunch of new features, which we will discuss in the other paragraphs. The main reason why Apple might be skipping the -s series this year, is because the new iPhone has so many incredible features that it would be a shame to ‘just’ call it 7s. If you wish to find out more about another great Apple feature, Apple Music, read more on this page. The iPhone release date is scheduled around Fall 2017.

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iPhone 8 Product Specifications

While the official release is not announced yet, we can confirm a few of the features and explain to you why this phone is going to be amazing! Are you ready to be blown away? These are the product specifications for the new iPhone 8.

  • Renewed OLED-screen

The new iPhone will most likely have an OLED screen, which will be a logical solution. Furthermore, the Apple Watch and the Touch Bar already use this screen type with great success. The new display features beautiful black tints, a better viewing angle and more options for color. The new iPhone might possibly be more energy efficient because of the color use, and will opt for a longer and better battery life.

  • New Design

We have been waiting on a design change for quite some time now, and now it’s finally here! the glass backside will make wireless charging more easy, and the new oled screen will give the iphone a new face! The edgeless screen features a fingerprint scanner and no home button, which will push the iPhone design to the top of the smartphone list again.


  • Wireless Charging

It sounds futuristic, but the new iPhone will most likely feature a wireless charging option, which will be enhanced by the glass backside. The real trick in making wireless charging interesting again is not yet confirmed. The problem is that Android devices already have had these functions for quite some time now, and that it might not feel as new as it should. One of the predicted functions of the ‘new’ wireless charging is that you can charge your phone from a bigger distance. Because of the changement to a lightning cable and -port, this will mean that you can actually charge your phone, and listen to music at the same time! This is a big optimization step from Apple, fixing one of their target group’s biggest issues.

  • Augmented Reality

This is truly a futuristic feature, and might possibly be the most innovative thing apple has done in the past 10 years! The augmented reality option gives you the opportunity to place a digital lens over the real world, seeing things that are not actually there and creating your own,. modificable reality. This AR can also be linked to apps like Siri or Maps. this ultimately means that you could point your camera to something, and Siri will tell you things about it! the future is here.

  • iPhone Pro / Premium iPhone 8

Apple is planning on releasing 3 types of the 8 series! Next to the ‘normal’ iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, plans have been leaked about the iPhone 8 Premium. This version of the iPhone will most likely have curved screen edges and will resemble the Samsung Galaxy Edge. There are also plans to make a more luxury version of the iPhone 8, with a stainless steel cage and glass backside. more information about this coming coon, nothing has been confirmed yet!

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iPhone 8 Specifications & Release Date
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