What is the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match?

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Apple Music is Apple’s new streaming music service where you can stream for a fixed monthly price music to all your Apple devices. Besides iTunes Match music remains available, a remarkable selection of Apple, yet there is a difference between the two services. We read on we will explain it below.


Apple Music

Once you have an Apple Music free trial period your music  will present on all your Apple devices. Your music libary will match with your music libary on your device. If numbers in your libary are not found in the apple music libary. They will be uloaded to your iTunes so you can always listen to it.


iTunes Match

Just like with Apple Music starts iTunes Match to your own music, songs that are present are matched in the iTunes Store, songs that are not present are uploaded and stored online in your iCloud without occupied storage here.

As with iTunes Match stores all the songs on iTunes in the cloud, you can also stream them to all your devices, so you have your own streaming service that manages itself. Want to add new songs then you have (in principle) to add purchased music to your iTunes, they are then matched using iTunes Match, and are then available on all your devices. You need to bring complement the music by purchasing it first, do this with downloaded albums through illegal ways then you are so unfair busy. At time of writing, you may store only 25,000 songs in iTunes Match, this fall will there be 100,000. The disadvantage is that you will need to buy albums and can not add the Apple Music library, additionally you do not take advantage of the Apple Music benefits.


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